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Compression solutions for vascular and lymphatic conditions

It is estimated that over 40% of the population will suffer from venous and/or lymphatic condition in their lifetime. Compression therapy will help treat the symptoms of these conditions and help patients resume their lifestyle. There is a solution within our wide selection of medi products of mediven, circaid, duomed, and PCS brio.

Products for Vascular Conditions

Most often venous health conditions can be treated with elastic compression stockings. These come in various compression levels, styles, colors, and materials to one’s condition and lifestyle.

Products for Lymphedema

The various stages of lymphedema are treated by elastic and inelastic garments in both upper and lower extremity.

Pneumatic Compression Therapy by medi

The introduction to pneumatic compression therapy has been revolutionized by medi with the PCS brio, bringing many of the advanced technologies to make lymphedema and venous health therapy EASY, SAFE, and Effective!

In many cases compression therapy can be a covered benefit through private insurance plans. Please view our current list of insurance provides that we are contracted and complete the form below and we will verify your eligibility.